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Hit By Car With Severe Injuries


A brave little frenchie faced a terrible injury when hit by a car. The person who hit him just kept driving leaving him critically injured in the road. His leg was severely broken, and the pain was intense. His owner, desperate to help, sought medical assistance right away.

At just one year old, Loki had his whole life ahead of him. But the first emergency room suggested the unthinkable to his owner: putting Loki to sleep. The financial burden seemed insurmountable, and hope was fading for Loki's owner.

Loki's owner contacted Lost Pet Services, Inc. PAWs Project. Our vet partner, Island Animal Hospital of Venice, performed the surgery. Loki will will continue to need much follow up care and vet visits.
Today, Loki rests, surrounded by his family and his loyal furry companion, Kimbo. Kimbo has not left Loki's side, keeping a watchful eye over him.

Our mission: To bridge the gap between love and affordability. We believe that no pet should suffer due to financial constraints.

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