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Abandoned with Large Tumor


Once called Peanut, now named Penny, this tiny 8-pound little girl touched our lives in a way words can hardly capture. Discovered alone and unclaimed outside a North Port business, she tugged at our heartstrings from the moment we laid eyes on her.

It was clear that Penny had been through a lot, possibly even abandoned due to her medical needs. A large mass, a mammary tumor along with several smaller ones, all required surgical intervention. The initial biopsy brought a sigh of relief—no cancer. Yet, we were cautioned that the full pathology might reveal a different story.

Penny faced surgery to remove the tumors and was spayed, all during one procedure. Now, as she recovers in the loving care of her foster, Lynda, Penny awaits a future family. A family that will see her not for the struggles she's faced, but for the boundless love she has to give.

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